Welcome to the Employer Freedom Plan
Affordable, Innovative Healthcare!

The Employer Freedom Plan offers healthcare plans with large employer pricing and robust quality of care, for small- and medium-sized companies.

 If you are a 1099 or Business Group of One, you are eligible to enroll through the SBA Cooperative Association and receive many of the advantages of the Employer Freedom Plan benefits.  When you enroll through the SBA Cooperative Association, you will be allowed to choose one of the three most popular plans – Plans A, B, or C.  Additional advantage includes partial return of your unused claim account as declared by the board.

It takes a team of experts, experienced in providing quality healthcare solutions, with the expertise to deliver healthcare and pricing as it was intended. SB/A (Small Business Agency), RCI (Regional Care, Inc.), and Serve You Rx bring innovative, cost-managed, quality care at affordable pricing for the employer and the employee. Direct Dental Plans of America, Inc. (DDP) features a nationwide network of providers offering services at reduced rates that are below most employer dental and vision plans.

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