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Affordable, Innovative Healthcare!

The Employer Freedom Plan created by the Small Business Agency Cooperative Inc. (SB/A CoOp), for Employers and Employees, offers health care plans with large employer pricing advantages plus robust quality of care, for small- and medium-sized companies.

As an Employer Member of SB/A CoOp, you can sponsor your own Partially Self-Funded ERISA Employer Health Benefit Plan for the benefit of your employees and their dependents.

Our team of experts, experienced in providing quality healthcare solutions, deliver an affordable ACA qualified and ERISA compliant health care plan. Maximize savings and provide cutting-edge solutions to effectively manage company health care costs.

Reaching 48 states and over 40,000 members, Regional Care Inc. (RCI) provides Third Party Administration (TPA) for all accounts. RCI accesses all national Preferred Provider networks for PPO pricing.

Serve You Rx, established in 1987, has been our pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) of choice and is quality driven to provide service to 66,000 pharmacies nationwide. Serve You Rx also owns and operates its pharmacy mail service.

Employer Freedom Plan Brochure to Download