ACA Preventative Care, Routine Checkups, Pap Smears, Flu Shots, Immunizations, and Preventive Care Services Covered at 100%, unlimited Annual Maximum Benefit
Primary Care, Specialist, Urgent Care & ER visits plus X-rays, CT & MRI Scans, Lab & Diagnostic services Covered at 50% coinsurance levels or up to Annual Maximum Benefit ($7,500/$15,000; $10,000/$20,000; $25,000/$50,000; or $50,000/$10,0000)
Prescription Drugs (MEC) covered. All other Generic and Brand drugs covered by Freedom Plan ACA drugs at 100% (includes birth control). All Freedom Plan Rx at coinsurance levels up to the out-of-pocket maximums or Annual Maximum Benefit
All Inpatient & Outpatient Hospital services, All Professional Medical & Surgical services as medically required covered by Freedom Plan Covered at 50% coinsurance levels up to Annual Maximum Benefit i.e., ($7,500/$15,000; $10,000/$20,000; $25,000/$50,000; $50,000/$10,0000). The benefits are Individual or Family Maximums
Telemedicine (TelaDoc) is a free service.
Dental & Vision Discount Card (Direct Dental Plans of America, Inc.)
Telemedicine consultations covered at 100%. Dental & Vision services covered on a discounted FEE schedule, paid at point of service.