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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created many new rules and regulations and added additional benefits, rights, and protection. Certain levels of health coverage are required under ACA rules that count as Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC). A MEC includes preventative care and routine well care as provided under the Affordable Care Act, but doesn’t substitute for a health care plan that would include; hospitalization, surgical, professional services, emergency room/urgent care, labs/x-ray/imaging, ambulance, plus behavioral health care and substance abuse.

The Employer Freedom Plan has a number of robust features and benefits. Minimum Essential Coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been paired to the Employer Freedom Plan as an additional benefit.

The Employer Freedom Plan has four base plans to choose from with a variety of coverage limits. The annual benefits meet over 85% of most American’s average annual health care needs. The Employer Freedom Plan maximizes savings while providing cutting-edge solutions to help Employers effectively manage health care costs.


The purpose for which the SB/A CoOp is organized is to foster the development of Partially Self-Funded Health Care Benefit arrangements which include the use of a Level Funded ERISA compliant “Health Benefit Plans,” the use of Employer funded “Aggregate Stop Loss” coverage, and reinsurance consistent with applicable state and federal laws, including the ERISA. To act primarily as the legal agent for all the Cooperative Members in arranging for and facilitating ERISA compliant and ACA qualified employer/employee health benefit plans that are administered by a legal Third Party Administrator (TPA). Brokers/Agents that are members of SB/A CoOp and who are compensated by SB/A CoOp, market the SB/A CoOp, and “The Employer Freedom Plans.”


RCI Fast Facts

  • RCI Serves over 200 clients with members in 48 states.

  • Number of RCI Members: over 40,000

  • Largest Client: 3,500 members

  • Smallest Client: 20 members

  • Network Access: national networks and multiple regional

  • Annual total number of claims processed on a monthly basis:
    over 54,000

  • Total number of RCI employees: 55 (at locations in Scottsbluff,
    Michigan, Colorado, Idaho, and eastern Nebraska)

Serve You Rx

Since 1987, Serve You Rx has been the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) of choice for employee benefit brokers and consultants, their clients, including employers, unions, coalitions, and governmental entities, as well as third party administrators who are looking for a valuable partner to effectively manage prescription drug costs. Serve You Rx offers:

  • Stability

  • Consistency

  • Flexibility

  • Customized plan designs

  • Consultative clinical support

  • Robust trend management programs and strategies

  • Exceptionally focused member and client service

  • Quality-driven, Serve You Rx owned and operated mail service and specialty pharmacies

  • Over 66,000 pharmacies nationwide

  • Privately owned and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Wholly-owned mail order pharmacy