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The Employer Freedom Plan Program

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created many new rules and regulations and adds some ground breaking new benefits, rights, and protection. Certain levels of health coverage are required under ACA rules that count as Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC). A MEC is the legally defined ‎Primary Health Plan (PHP).

We have gone a step further and paired a MEC plan with the Employer Freedom Plan that has either a $7,500/$15,000; $7,500/$15,000 with additional $15,000 In-Patient Benefit; $10,000/$20,000 with additional $15,000 In-Patient Benefit; $25,000/$50,000 with additional $25,000 In-Patient Benefit, Individual or Family Annual Maximum Benefit. These Annual Benefits meet over 85% of most American’s average annual health care needs. The Combined MEC & Employer Freedom Plan is a Supplemental ERISA Health Plan, has a Zero Dollar ($0.00) Annual Deductible, and covers the following:

ACA Preventative Care, Routine Checkups, Pap Smears, Flu Shots, Immunizations, and Preventive Care Services Covered at 100%, unlimited Annual Maximum Benefit
Primary Care, Specialist, Urgent Care & ER visits plus X-rays, CT & MRI Scans, Lab & Diagnostic services Covered at coinsurance levels or up to Annual Maximum Benefit ($7,500/$15,000; $7,500/$15,000 with additional $15,000 In-Patient Benefit; $10,000/$20,000 with additional $15,000 In-Patient Benefit; $25,000/$50,000 with additional $25,000 In-Patient Benefit.)
Prescription Drugs (MEC) covered. All other Generic and Brand drugs covered by Freedom Plan ACA drugs at 100% (includes birth control). All Freedom Plan Rx at coinsurance levels up to the Annual Maximum Benefit, then discounted prices thereafter unlimited.
All Inpatient & Outpatient Hospital services, All Professional Medical & Surgical services as medically required covered by Freedom Plan Covered at coinsurance levels up to Annual Maximum Benefit i.e., ($7,500/$15,000; $10,000/$20,000; $25,000/$50,000). The benefits are Individual or Family Maximums
Telemedicine (TelaDoc) is a free service.
Dental & Vision Discount Card (Direct Dental Plans of America, Inc.)
Telemedicine consultations covered at 100%. Dental & Vision services covered on a discounted FEE schedule, paid at point of service.

To obtain medical services, present your Employer Freedom Plan ID Card to your health care provider to confirm your eligibility and benefits. Your health care provider will bill RCI for the eligible received services. For ACA Preventative Care, Routine Checkups, Pap Smears, Flu Shots, Immunizations, and preventive services, the MEC plan will pay 100% of the eligible charges. All other services will be covered at specified coinsurance levels until you reach your out-of-pocket maximum or annual benefit limit.

RCI, as administrator for the Employer Freedom Plan, will pay your medical provider the coinsurance portion of the eligible charges, send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and you will owe the remaining amount not covered by the Employer Freedom Plan. The Employer Freedom Plan has No Deductible or Co-Pays.

To fill your prescriptions, present the Employer Freedom Plan ID card to your pharmacist to pay your coinsurance on all eligible prescriptions. This payment is due to Pharmacy at time Rx is fulfilled.

Regional Care Inc. (RCI) and Serve You Rx are the Employer Freedom Plan’s administrators and will provide access to several large preferred provider network of doctors, labs, and hospitals available and over 66,000 pharmacies nationwide. They are integrated to seamlessly interface for claim adjudication, employer eligibility records, provider network management, accumulated claim files, billing and payments, and customer service.

The Employer Freedom Plan is made possible by The Small Business/Agency Cooperative (SB/A CoOp) which is a Non-Profit “AGENCY” Cooperative Corporation that acts as the “Legal Collective Agent” of all the Cooperative Members to facilitate advantageous contractual relationships for and between the members. The SB/A CoOp may legally “aggregate” small employers together without becoming a Multiple Employer Welfare Association (MEWA) or acting as a Multiple Employer Trust (MET). The SB/A CoOp will sponsor unique ERISA Supplemental Health Care Plans that are ACA qualified and provide affordable and accountable healthcare solutions.