About Us

The SB/A CoOp was formed as a Non-Profit “Agency” Cooperative Corporation to provide for employer/employee health care benefits in the small and large group employer marketplace. Each group employer CoOp Member can sponsor a Partially Self-Funded ERISA Employer Health Benefit Plan for the benefit of its employees and their dependents. Called the “Employer Freedom Plan,” it is an ERISA health plan for sponsoring employers offered in conjunction with Minimum Essential Coverage (ACA Qualified). The employer’s claim exposure is protected via an “Aggregate Stop Loss Fund (ASLF)” owned by the SB/A CoOp Employer Members.

The SB/A CoOp Employer Members have an Employer Freedom Plan collective level-funded claim account administered by RCI, Inc., the plan administrator. The Employer’s maximum claim liability is limited to the 12-month average level funding of its claim account. The Member Employers own the funds and will receive the defined surplus on a calendar year basis following a (12/18) accounting period.

The purpose for which the SB/A CoOp is organized is to foster the development of Partially Self-Funded Health Care Benefit arrangements which include the use of a Level Funded ERISA compliant “Health Benefit Plan,” the use of Employer funded “Aggregate Stop Loss” coverage, and reinsurance consistent with applicable state and federal laws, including the ERISA. To act primarily as the legal agent for all the Cooperative Members in arranging for and facilitating ERISA compliant and ACA qualified employer/employee health benefit plans that are administered by a legal Third Party Administrator (TPA). Brokers/Agents that are members of SB/A CoOp and who are compensated by SB/A CoOp, market the SB/A CoOp, and “The Employer Freedom Plans.”

Meet Our Partners

Regional Care, Inc. (RCI) is one of the nation’s premier independent third-party administrators. At RCI, we offer more than just cookie-cutter solutions – we offer professional and personalized claims service for every employee, ensuring that the claims process doesn’t become a bigger issue than the original health care concern.

RCI serves over 200 clients with members in all 48 states. We have teamed up with best-in-class business partners, from leading PPO networks in each geographic area, to care management companies, telemedicine providers, and transparency tools – all the components needed to manage costs and provide a great member experience.


Since 1987, Serve You Rx has been the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) of choice for employee benefit brokers and consultants, and their clients including employers, unions, coalitions, and government entities, as well as third party administrators who are looking for a valuable partner to effectively manage prescription drug costs.

Serve You Rx, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a privately owned, mail order pharmacy with over 66,000 pharmacies nationwide.