The Employer Freedom Plan – An ERISA CoOp Solution
Self Funded Health Plans for the Small Group Employers

ACA qualified ERISA compliant employer self funded
employer/employee health benefit plans

  • Affordable Employer Health Benefit Plans that fit 90% of the benefit needs of employees/dependents
  • All Employer sponsored self-funded benefit plans have no excess claim liability beyond the level-funded premium guaranteed with the Aggregate Stop Loss coverage
  • Employer sponsored ERISA Freedom Plan are exempt from Insurance regulations on health plan benefits for employees
  • Employer Freedom Plans offer first dollar coverage with no deductible/copays and 50% coinsurance to a maximum out-of-pocket expense.

The purpose of the Small Business Agency Cooperative, Inc. is to facilitate the Employer’s ERISA compliant Employer/Employee health benefit plans that are administered by a legal Third Party Administrator.

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