Welcome Employers

Welcome to the SB/A Freedom Plans created by the Small Business Agency Cooperative for Employers and their Employees.

Maximize savings and provide cutting-edge solutions to effectively manage company health care costs.

Obtain large employer pricing advantages plus robust quality of care, for small- and medium-sized companies.

As an Employer Member of SB/A CoOp you can sponsor your own Partially Self-Funded ERISA Employer Health and Welfare Benefit Plan for the benefit of your employees and their dependents.

Key Features

  • Maximize Savings while providing Comprehensive Health Benefits
  • Stabilized Cash Flow
  • Defined and Contained Risk
  • Claims Fund provides for Return of Defined Surplus*
  • Attract and Retain talented Employees
  • ACA Qualified and ERISA Compliant

Serving all 50 states.

Low Premiums.

Zero Deductibles.

National PPO Network.

No Employer Liability.

No Pre-existing Condition Clauses.*

*Base Plans

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